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Lovingly hand made dog treats.

This food was created out of love not just for our pooches but yours also, it all started when Candy Clark the Pads and Paws founder took a closer look at what was "normally" in dog food. There are so many harmful chemicals inside a can of everyday dog food that Candy decided to try and change things for the better.

The law simply states if a food doesn’t kill a dog then it can be sold. This means they can add whatever they like to the food to make it appealing this includes many chemicals and sweetners etc. Raw feeding is the best diet for a dog, getting back to nature was what Candy decided to do, she spent the next year getting the perfect recipe for her lovely dogs.

We are a small growing company aiming to bring this fantastic food to your dogs, to share the great health benefits and differences in your animal that comes with raw feeding.

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Customer Reviews

Nathan (Senior nurse Channel 4's vet on the hill)

I've been getting food and treats from pads and paws for a while now and my much loved Newfoundland loves them! With great friendly advice and ingredients in the most natural form to give the greatest benefit. I would recommend pads and paws to any loving dog owner.

Alice Playle

I've been giving my dog treats from Pads & Paws for some time now and noticed a huge difference in him. His coat and eyes looks healthier and stomachs issues he was experiencing from supermarket dry dog treats have completely disappeared. You can see the quality of the Pads & Paws treats just by looking at them. Most importantly my dog absolutely loves them and what makes him happy makes me happy

Gill Kitchener

Having visited your stall , yesterday at Hastings Jack in the Green , we purchased some of your dog treats . Having arrived back home today , we gave our dog a couple treats ,which she enjoyed.

Wendy turner

Met you today at Heathfield Farmers Market (I was the lady selling jams etc). Just to say my cat Big Step loves the whitebait treats. Will definitely be buying more next market.

Kim evans

Just to let you know that my dogs are absolutely loving your food! It's switched poorly dog's appetite back on and he's feeling much better - he says thank you! He loves the liver treats too.

Vix Parsons

This is Merlin, he wants to say a huge thank you to pads and paws for his yummy food and treats. He is already awesome yet we can't believe the difference in him. He's so much happier and healthier, so thank you from us all.